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A Women’s Interactive Network membership provides: valuable benefits including career information, training and mentoring; as well as, national and local networking opportunities. Membership is affordable and is available with or without membership to a local chapter of WIN. Individual National memberships are only $29.00 per year. If you belong to a local chapter, your national membership will also be included as part of your annual dues. 


*National Membership will not provide benefits associated with local chapters. For more information, please visit your local chapter for membership information. In order to participate at the member rates of a local chapter, you must be a member of that local chapter.  National memberships only provide member rates for nationally sponsored events. 

If you are not near a local chapter, you may become an honorary member to receive the same benefits as a local chapter member, but at a discounted rate. Please contact us to learn more. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. Memberships start upon receipt of payment. 



Professional Development Day Attendee:  As far as feedback, I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed the interactiveness that the group had!  I loved hearing from other women as the presentations related to them.  I felt that it made for easy interactions during the breaks  because we could easily find something to communicate about!  I thought that all of the speakers had great content and a great message.  Everything was very comfortable and you created an environment where everyone felt safe to share their own insights!  You have a gift for bringing great women together!


Mentor/Mentee:  Thank you for connecting me with my mentor.  I can’t tell you how valuable it was to gain insight and knowledge from “my mentor.”  Not only has she helped to create a strategic plan for my business but she has become a great friend – Someone that I will treasure for a lifetime.  I can’t thank you enough! 


WIN Member:  There are so many different women’s networking groups, that I felt overwhelmed and not sure about what exactly was a “right fit” for me.  After visiting some of the other groups, I realized that they did not offer me quite what I was looking for.  WIN offered me an opportunity to meet other women that also had the same challenge of finding a group that fit.  What I like most about being a WIN member is that I have things in common with them – I finally found a “fit.” There are other professional women, that are moving into that next stage of development.  A place where not only I can benefit from their experiences, but that I can offer something back!